Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kissing the School Year Goodbye

Teachers don't measure the year by the traditional calendar but by the school calendar.  Years begin for me in early August when I return to my room and end in July after having time to rejuvenate.  Normally, at the end of the school year, I am ready to leave the year behind.  But looking back at this year, I want to embrace it with a squishy hug and kiss it passionately on the lips like a dear friend that is moving away.  

At work, I decided to switch up my job.  I know that any change brings challenge, but this challenge invigorated me.   I loved getting up to go to my job.  Three different classes forced me to be more organized and productive.  It allowed me to discover that the teenage brain in 8th grade does not mesh with my teaching style.  It allowed me to realize that I love the 6th grade enthusiasm.  It allowed me to realize that I enjoyed being a lone wolf at the work place but missed the camaraderie of being in the hallway with the other co-workers that I love.  I had to rely on myself to accomplish the job, finding that I can be a confident teacher.   

Summer Exploring


As a momma, I am in this good place with the punks.  They are becoming who they need to be.  I have to guide them, teach them.   Conversations are enjoyable and challenging some days.  The school year is a busy tornado of homework, routines, and obligations.  It is a welcome change to have them in their static state where their worry-free talks with me are entertaining.  Their concerns about friends, family, fairness let me know that they are trying to figure it all out. 

So begins the summer of recharging the batteries. There is no schedule, no rules.  Just us, hanging out.  We spend quiet time just enjoying the outdoors and books and swimming pools.  Sometimes when lounging on the float in the pool, my brain drifts to plans and reflections of the school year, but for the most part, the brain waves are content to be still. 

What are your plans for the summer?


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