About Me

I'm a momma, teacher, part-time gardener, full-time eater.   This is my daily struggle with food and the resulting fat.  I make my home in a small town in West Virginia with Frick and Frack and two cats.  I am in a life transition into my 40's and learning to shake things up.  To make life spicy, I met Mr. Frank who enhances my own joy. 

I am passionate about, in no certain order,
  • Reading
  • Frick and Frack
  • Road trips
  • Donuts
  • Comfortable shoes and underwear
  • Window shopping in small towns
  • Mr. Frank
  • Movies at the theater
  • Trying new restaurants
  • Cookbooks
  • Pinterest
  • Whole seasons of shows on Netflix
  • Good pens
  • Being a lady of leisure
The recipes are not mine.  I don't claim them in anyway.  I may modify slightly by adding extra chocolate chips, but my small dose of OCD in the kitchen doesn't allow me to alter recipes.  However, food is the backdrop to the narrative of my life. 

My kitchen is always open to you to come and sit and talk.  I will put you to work using my bossy voice. I believe preparing food and sharing food are just as important to feeding the body as it is to feeding the soul.  World peace could be obtained if everyone just worked together in a kitchen. 

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