Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fair

Our favorite rides were the tractors.
Farmer Brown enjoyed himself.
Frack puzzled over his pizza.

Now, for the Farewell to Fat Tour.

Frick eating Dippin' Dots only because there was no line there.

Hot bag of greasy donuts served up by Miss Molly.
(Mrs. Molly now!)
Presenting the Tub of Pepsi.

There was no Coke because Pepsi is the offical sponsor of the State Fair. That tub holds 64 oz. of liquid sugar for only $12. If you get three refills, you get the fourth cavity filled for free.

We didn't buy one.


Melanie said...

I so want to go to the fair. We live a few hours from there though and hubby doesn't really like it so its not worth the trip. Next year I'm going to find me a girl-friend to go with and take the kids.

Brindi said...

It can be expensive, but it is fun for the kids. I lived in several places around the state and I always run into people I know from all over. You should definitely come some year.


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