Saturday, August 30, 2008

No Labor.

Back to school is such an exciting but hectic time. Even though we only had students three days this week, I am drained. I had bus duty starting at 7:15 each morning. We also had 6th grade Parent Orientation this week, putting me home at 8:30 pm on Thursday night. I have worked thousands of locker combinations, passed out thousands of school forms, and directed thousands of sixth graders to their classes and buses.

I came home last night, changed into pajamas, curled up with Frick and Frack on the couch with leftover pizza and Ratatouille on TV. It was only 5:30, but it was what I expected to do all evening.

The doorbell rang.

We had company until 8:00. You know, the kind of company where you have to offer food and drink. The kind of company that you are sliding toys under couch. The kind of company where you throw your dish towel over the dishes in the sink. The kind of company where you have to have polite conversations about people you don't know. The kind of company that doesn't take a hint. Sigh......

So today, there is No Labor.

I do not plan on getting out of pajamas. I do not plan to do any housework that requires exertion.

I do plan to read a book. I do plan to play with Frick and Frack. I do plan on napping when the kids do. I do plan on screening phone calls. I plan on eating ice cream out of a container.

Happy Labor Day Weekend.



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