Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's What Neighbors Are For

I live exactly ten miles from the interstate. Those are West Virginia miles, the time to travel them is double the time it would be anywhere else. But between that interstate and my house, there is nothing except for two gas stations with meager food offerings. So if you find yourself in the middle of making dinner and you realize you are out of soy sauce for your stir-fry, you can do one of the following things:

1. Do without.
2. Get in your car and travel to one of the gas stations, hoping that they have it, then shell out $6 for 1 oz.
3. Drive all ten miles to the interstate to the Walmart.
4. Call a neighbor.

I am very fortunate to have the nicest neighbors to call. But here's the better part, they called me for an onion and a beef bouillon cube, and I got this in return. You should click on the picture to get the full effect.

That is completely made from scratch, icing and all, Italian Cream Cake. It was warm from the oven. Three layers of cake. With frosting in between. The picture does not do it justice. (If you really want to know, I could barely wait until they shut their car door to break out the fork. I had half devoured it before I realized what a piece of work it was.) Please rest assure that whatever these sweet neighbors ever need, I will have it for them, even if I have to do options 2 and 3 to get it for them.


Brian Keene said...

You should have just broken into the cabin. I think there's some Soy Sauce in the fridge. :)

Brindi said...

Option 5. Break into the hunting cabin and raid the fridge. But we don't want to upset the Cabinmaster. He makes us food when he comes.


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