Monday, September 8, 2008

I Zafu, Do You?

One of my new favorite blogs is Bye, Bye Pie It makes me snort out loud every day. A recent post was about her quest for jeans. I can so relate. I am tired of shopping for clothes that fit when all the stores sell are the latest styles like low-rise and hip huggers. Stacey London can tell me what not to wear and what to wear, but when I only have Wal-mart and on-line shopping, that can be an impossible task to find something that truly fits me and my budget.

So, on recommendation from Bye, Bye Pie lady -


Answer some weird questions, and recommendations are made for you and your body. Plus there are links to purchase these recommendations. It's like having Stacey London on the computer. Although, I can't imagine Stacey ever asking me how many pencils I can hold under my breast. Nice to know for my next party trick, though.

I have only completed the Bra Finder Quiz but it found 33, yes, 33 results of decent looking bras in a variety of prices and styles. So while I am on a quest for a new body, I can clothe the current body with new clothes that fit.



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