Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do You Think My Tractor's Sexy?

If you click on the popout player below, it should set the mood for today's post. (I didn't want it to play automatically, unless you really love Kenny Chesney.) Frick's birthday fell on a busy weekend this year. Instead of planning an elaborate party, we had a small celebration at the babysitter's and a small dinner with family. I went all out making penguins for the children.

I planned on making a tractor for the dinner. Frick helped me.
We had a little trouble with the building and icing, but that's okay. It was still good to eat.

Sad, sad, sad looking cake.

It was a very relaxing birthday. He and Frack played with all the new birthday loot while the grownups were able to sit around the table and talk.

And in the words of Frick, "Put some fire on those candles."



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