Sunday, October 26, 2008

Railroad Days

Deep in the heart of West Virginia is a train ride that takes you back in time. You travel until you are in the middle of nowhere and then take a left and go twelve more miles. That will take you to Cass Scenic Railroad. There are actual steam-driven locomotives taking you up a railroad built and used by logging companies in the early 1900's.

The scenic ride takes you up the mountain in covered, open-air train cars with the steam puffing and the whistle tooting. The view is spectactular. Seriously, how do you live without moutains as part of your view, espescially in autumn?

What does that have to do with food? Nothing really, but my mama and various other relatives read my blog and like to check up on the family outings. But just in case, I snapped some pictures of the logging camp's kitchen car.

The larder was well stocked for all your deep-frying needs. Look at that tub of lard.

The pantry, the stove, and the table to feed the entire logging camp was housed in one train car that was pulled to the camp and parked.

While the train stopped at Whittiker Station for a bathroom break, for forty minutes, I was moaning the lack of swingsets for the kids, while Farmer Brown suggested that plastic playground equipment might take away from the historical significance of the replica logging camp. So while we waited, they opened the concession stand to sell foot-long pixie stixs and Doritos.



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