Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Smorgasboard

I have been amassing a large collection of recipes from other blogs to try. Last weekend the weather turned colder, and I was able to fire up the oven and try a few.

One of my first recipes to try was from The Pioneer Woman for apple dumplings. Gosh durn, these were good. It was unbelievably easy, too. My mama has a recipe that requires making the dough, rolling it out, rolling it up. These used refrigerated crescent rolls and Mountain Dew. Tasted every bit as good as Mama's without all of the fuss. They are best when warm from the oven. The recipe said something about serving with ice cream. These dumplings never made it that far.

I also made coconut pineapple loaf cake from little momma and company. It made the kitchen smell tropical with all of that toasty coconut. My cake came out with burnt toasted coconut on top. I solved that by brushing off all of the burnt coconut with the potholder. Crisis solved and the cake was salvaged. Next time, I might not put the coconut on top or use untoasted coconut for the top.

Hula Bagel Melts from My Sisters' Cucina was a big hit with Farmer Brown. I used Onion Buns because I don't normally buy bagels. I also replaced the Swiss cheese with cheddar cheese because that is what I had. Farmer Brown is a big meat and potato man, so convincing him to eat a sandwich for dinner is always a hard sell. From this same site, I also made the whole wheat apple muffins which they got from the site Smitten Kitchen. Frick and Frack loved the "cupcakes".


Blissful Babe said...

I love finding and trying new recipes.

Thankfully, there are jillion of them on the web!! Especially within this vast circle of SITS blog gals!! WoOt!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


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