Saturday, October 11, 2008


My mama came this weekend for our annual trip to T.O.O.T., a fundraiser for our local arts theater. The city blocks off the downtown streets and vendors from local restaurants and non-profit organizations set up and offer samples of food.
It was a beautiful day with the fall leaves in full color. This is a large event, drawing in crowds from all around West Virginia and Virginia. It is a social event with street entertainers, live music, and activities for the kids. We took Frick and Frack with us. There were a lot of long lines to many of the food booths, so it was hard to wait in line with the kids with us. I missed the crab cakes from Wolf Creek Gallery and pumpkin ice cream from the Greenbrier. We did sample turkey meatballs, lobster potpie, and barbecue from the Greenbrier. We brought home hand-dipped chocolate apples.

It was a beautiful day to be out in our town.


EB said...

I grew up near Lewisburg (Frankford area) and went to TOOT each year!!! My husband and I now live in Virginia.

Brindi said...

Hey eb! Welcome! We live on a small farm near Frankford. TOOT is still the same. It is one of those social occasions where everyone comes out!

EB said...

I read the post where you talked about going to the Green Valley Book Fair. We live near Staunton and go to the book fair frequently!

Brindi said...

The book fair was the best! That was my first time there. Any suggestions about somewhere nice to eat next time?

EB said...

There are lots of great restaurants in Staunton, like the Mill Street Grill and the Depot. Shenandoah Pizza in downtown Staunton has great pizza.

Did you graduate from Greenbrier East? My husband graduated from East in 1998.

Also, do you teach 6th grade? I'm a sixth grade special education teahcer in Staunton.

Brindi said...

I grew up in Nicholas County. I was a Richwood Lumberjack. I teach 6th grade reading at the middle school.

The restaurants sound like something we would try. We missed this book fair, but we plan to go back before Christmas.


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