Thursday, January 15, 2009

Staying Up with Tom

To be bearable at work, I need to go to bed by 10:00 pm. The only exception is for Tom.

I am a big fan of Top Chef. The drama is over the top. The exotic food thrills me. You get to see delicious dishes like this

and like this

and like this
Men who know their way around a kitchen.....makes me weak in the knees. I am not even sure that Fabio on this season can really cook. I think they are keeping him around for his accent. His accent makes me weak in the knees, also.

And you get to watch Padma eat and eat and eat and eat and still look good.

There is no way that this is reality T.V.


Julie said...

I've never seen it. Maybe I should tune in, for the food of course :)


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