Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Watching Yo Gabba without Going Gaga

We were home yesterday with a snow day. Because Frack wasn't feeling well, we cuddled and watched some Noggin. I have to admit that at first that I was repulsed by Yo Gabba Gabba. Now, I have become a little fan. It's cute. My kids love it. It has groovy tunes.

I'm only a little fan, because I can only watch it in little periods. I've seen this episode with Elijah Wood. I even danced the Puppet Master in the living room. I must say that this music pumps it up. Enjoy.


Caroline said...

I was also repulsed by Yo Gabba Gabba at first, but the redhead loves it, so I've let him watch it a time or two. I don't get it, but apparently it is very appealing to kids. We love Noggin around here.

Brindi said...

Yes, we love Noggin. Max and Ruby is my favorite because they are just like my two kids.


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