Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Spin Me Round

I am not a big gadget fan. However, I do have a salad spinner. I love my salad spinner. I eat salad just so I can pull out the salad spinner.

It is mesmerizing to watch the salad whirl around. And then, to see the water that comes off of it - and to see the color of the water. Ugh. Try it sometime with bagged salad. That prewashed stuff has a lot of dirt on it. I no longer buy salads in the bags.

My salad spinner came with a berry bowl that is great for gently spinning the water off berries.

So why would you need a salad spinner?

It makes your lettuce so much crisper. You know how you eat salad out at a restaurant and you wonder why your salads don't taste like that at home? It's the spinner. Dry lettuce is crisp lettuce.

You can use a clean pillowcase with the same effect. Just make sure to do this outside.


Betty Beguiles said...

I've wanted a salad spinner for a long time but haven't gotten around to getting one yet. I think I'll put this on my Christmas list. :)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

I save my left over gravy in the freezer, then use it in stew. Ü Instant thickener and seasoning for FREE!

Now -- this probably has nothing to do with this post... but I just saw your question for the Oracle of Steve. I love giving away adivce for free. Take it or leave it -- it's free. °Ü°

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... I should put this on my Christmas List.

I put a paper towel in a huge bowl, then I put my cut up lettuce on there, another paper towel, more lettuce. Repeat until bowl is FULL!! Then my cut up lettuce will last about 1 week with out getting brown and gross. Well -- it may be gross because I didn't spin it first. But it keeps it dry and crisp.

More free advice for you my friend.

Thanks for the recommendation for the spinner... now... what to do with a bowl full of gross lettuce in my fridge. Hmmm...


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