Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Puppy Chow

We have a soft spot for animals in our house. We have seventy acres. We have a fenced-in backyard. This makes us an easy target for people with spare animals.

Two weeks ago, we had below zero temperatures. A fellow teacher saw two puppies running around her neighborhood. After calling around, no one claimed them, so she went and brought them in for the night, which turned into a weekend. But with three other dogs in her house, there wasn't room for the little boogers.
Guess who had room?
Like a good puppy mom, I bought them puppy chow, treats, and chew toys.
Guess what they've been eating....

They have a thing for hands.
I'm sorry to say that there are no pictures of Fairy Barbie. She lost her hands and had to be hidden in the outgoing trash. There are no pictures of my favorite cheapo Target sandals that lost their beading. It made me too sad to take a picture.

Frick and Frack have taken over the names. This is Sally.

This is That Guy Dog. (We're still working on that.)


Heather said...

Awww, aren't they the cutest little hellions? Wow, 70 acres! I can't even conceive how big that is. The house I grew up in was on 1/4 acre, I think. What do you do with all that property? Do you guys have crops or livestock?

Brindi said...

It was my husband's family farm. No one was working the land. We built our house there and my husband has beef cows. Of course, we live in WV, so it is rolling hills!

Tiffany said...

Cute puppies. Too bad they keep chewing hands.

Susie Harris said...

Your comment made my day, smile... I ate a slice of cake today, ugh!

Rachel Ann said...

Thank you for stopping by on my SITS day last week...I love all the comments and felt very appreciated. Sorry it has taken me so long to share bloggy love back!

Julie said...

Oh they are so cute! Puppies can be such a pain, can't they?

Lori said...

Stopping by from SITS :)
Cute puppies♥


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