Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the Winner is....

Back in November, a friend told me about our insurance's Wellness Program. Because I do want to be well, I called the Wellness Program. The nice lady and I had a short conversation and she click-clacked some answers into her computer. Then she announced, (Please listen for the sunshine in her voice)

"Since your BMI is (mumble, mumble), you are OBESE. That's so great! Because you are OBESE, you qualify for our Weight Management Program. If you are OBESE, you get access to a nutritionist, personal trainer, and a gym membership! This is fabulous!"

She was excited that I was OBESE, but needless to say, I was not. It made me feel like eating some raw batter.

Now, four months later, I finally made the decision to follow through the paperwork. I now hold the number to call for my gym membership. Here's the good news, though - I've been losing weight on my own. Granted I didn't start until the first of January, but I am six pounds away from being - get this - not OBESE, but OVERWEIGHT.

I'm hoping my personal trainer looks something like this:

Now that would be motivation.

And speaking of motivation - a blog award. I'm terrible at this. I have received awards in the past that I didn't pass on. So this time, I'm following through. Apparently, you are to share honest things about yourself and then pass it on.

Eat at Home Sending the love right back to you, Tiffany. She manages TWO blogs. She has a great writing blog that inspires me to write more.

The Sporadic Cook If Julie lived near me, I'm pretty sure we would swap recipes and dishes. She gives me great ideas all the time.

Betty Beguiles Betty's posts always inspire me. She has devoted herself to living modestly. She has all the places to find the best vintage inspired dresses. Her site brings out the inner June Cleaver in me.

Real Mom Kitchen This is still one of my favorites. Laura cranks out new posts five days a week. This is my go-to site for recipes when I need a quick dinner.

The Adventures of Heather Heather has the best luck - within the past couple of months, she has won two giveaways. I visit just so her good juju rubs off on me, but then I stay to read her adventures as a newlywed.

Little Bit Funky Please just go look at her new baby boy! Plus, her etsy shop has the cutest stuff. She also has Ray Lamontagne on her Playlist which makes me so happy every time I visit.

Jam Jar Boogie She teaches art, puts on plays, raises chickens, raises children, writes a blog. She is new to me but I like her style.

My Tasty Treasures This one is new to me, but her posts make me crack up.

My Honest Things

1. I have mixed up a box of brownie mix and ended up not having enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan.

2. I cannot cook eggs. Fried, scrambled, boiled - you name it - they end up awful. Even tried egg beater omelets -dry as popcorn farts.

3. I loathe exercising, but put on some old-school hip hop and I turn into a dancing maniac. However, my style is similar to Napoleon Dynamite.

4. I love going to the movies. When the Lewis Theater goes up for sale in my town, I want to buy it, rip up the theater seats, install funky couches and coffee tables, and serve cafe-type food.

5. My sister and I once met Stone Cold Steve Austin in an airport in Texas. She was unafraid to approach him and talk to him and charm him, but I giggled uncontrollably the whole time. That's why I love my sister. She's who I want to be.

6. I am already my mother.

7. My children truly are the sunshines of my life.


Julie said...

Thanks for the award! And congrats on almost not being obese..I've got a long way to go myself..HA. There's honest for ya. I'd LOVE to see your Napoleon dance :)

Tiffany said...

I liked reading your answers -they were great. I'm not always very good at passing on awards either. Thanks for the nice things you said about my blogs :-)

Heather said...

OMG Thank you so much Brindi! I've never gotten an award before, you made my day! Thank you for the kind words too!

Donna-FFW said...

Thank you so much for the award. I am honored to have received it. I will pass it along with my next post!! Thank you!! You made my day!

ella said...

Hey girl,
First off, I totally enjoy your style as well.
2. Your name rocks. Is it a knickname? Or have you been lucky enough to have been Brindi from the start?
3. I am so appreciative of the blog award and will totally recipricate (God, I hope I spelled that right) with a well deserved shout out to you on my blog.
4. That said, I'm on the fence with the whole award thing. I like the uncluttered blog look. So I might not post the button.
5. Your farmer's helper with the calf bottle. OH! It's my fantasy life! I always wanted to live on a farm and raise my kids like that.

Betty Beguiles said...

You are SO sweet! Thank you! You inspire me, too, girl! :)


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