Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Giveaway, Kind of, Sort of

I'm a sucker for something free. I love books. So if there is something that gives you free books, I get excited. A few years ago, I joined one of those book clubs because you got so many cookbooks for a $1 a piece plus shipping. Great deal - just buy so many more at the regular price then enjoy all these great benefits.

And it was nice. I did pick out some great cookbooks I had wanted. Then, every month they sent out those little reply cards. It's a scam I tell you. I always replied as soon as I got the little card, but somehow, these little packages would arrive on my doorstep. I would mail them back, but every now and then, I would forget. And it wouldn't always be something I would really like. I got stuck with a classic like

and this

and this

Lovely books, but I'm running out of room, though. I had these three in the box for the thrift store, but then thought that someone out here might like one. If you have room for a slightly used book, leave me a comment by next Tuesday telling me about your favorite cookbook. If you have a preference for a certain one, let me know, but I won't make any guarantees. I'll mail out these lovely free books to three people. Winners will be posted next Wednesday.

*I'll be out of town for a few days. I'm going to a Reading Research Symposium. The speaker is Dr. Janet Allen - this is huge for me. Dr. Allen is to middle school reading what Paula Deen is to butter. I plan on sitting up front, I plan on asking for a picture together, and I plan on giggling the whole time!


ella said...

I'd give the Nigella a read.
My favorite cook book recently isn't a book at all. It's that Everyday Food mini-mag from Martha. I have the whole set and find myself turning to it over and over for dinner ideas.

Emily said...

I'd love the Nigella one. I don't have ANY of her cookbooks.

I guess my favorite cookbook would by Joy of Cooking, just because I use it so much, and it's a great reference.

Tiffany said...

I like Rachel Ray's cookbooks. My favorite cookbook is probably an old church one I've got. Or maybe More with Less. I use both of those a lot.

Julie said...

Nice giveaway..I'd be tickled with any of them.
One of my favorite cookbooks I bought years ago...the name is something like "Beds and Breakfasts of America", and it was written by a married couple who are both RN's, who apparently traveled every state visiting 1 or more B&B's in each state, and got recipes to share from the owners. Wow, that was long-winded...sorry!

angc828 said...

Gotta love me some Rachel Ray. She cooks like I pretend to cook. It seems she can throw anything together and it comes out looking yummy. My favorite cookbook is a 99 cent thrift store find with quick, easy recipes using Campbell soups.


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