Monday, May 4, 2009


I have been slowly working on losing weight. I am not doing any drastic program, just taking what I've learned from all of them and using what works for me. I've been uping my exercise each week - which was easy, because I wasn't doing any. I've still been enjoying foods I love just in smaller portions. It's worked - I've lost twenty pounds in four months. But don't wave the banner yet, because, have you seen this?

What happened? And it's not just Kirstie were talking about. There sits Oprah with her poundage packed back on.

Is this not discouraging?

These ladies have personal trainers, personal chefs, personal gyms. Not to mention that one had the backing of a weight loss company. They have all of this and THEY STILL GAINED IT BACK.
These were two honest women I could relate to in all their food battles. I was cheering them on. They were exciting, they were encouraging, they were doing it all in front of everyone. Didn't you get thrilled for them? Didn't you watch Ms. Alley strut across the stage in her bathing suit for all to see? Didn't you buy the issue of O Magazine with the skinny Oprah on the front?

So, I'm scared. Scared this will happen to me.

For today though, I am going to concentrate on the success of these twenty pounds. I'm going to focus on the next goal. Someone has to be successful in this.


Emily said...

Ohhh! Please don't be discouraged. I know you can do it! I'm cheering you on.

Tiffany said...

Twenty pounds is awesome! I have never done that and yes, I could stand to lose twenty pounds. Don't live in the "what ifs" live in the "I can and I did". Way to go on the weightloss and excercise!

Amy said...

You should be proud of all the work you've done. Not that I've taken the advice myself, but I think it's just about making choices one day at a time. (I'm twice the person I used to be. I think it's going to take shock therapy for me to get as far as you have come.)


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