Friday, June 26, 2009

A Bag of Brownie Crusts

When I was struggling through college, I hated those people who just took classes because they could take classes in their spare time. You know the ones, the ones who came to class right on time. The ones who had outlined the assigned reading. The ones who had a list of prepared questions to ask during discussion. The ones who kept asking questions fifteen minutes after class ended. The ones who would walk with the professors to their offices to continue the discussion.

Because I was an English major, we got lots of these people. Bored housewives, retired professionals who wanted to sit around and discuss Milton.

Except this one time - her name was Michelle. I was enamored with Michelle. She and her husband were from Maine. He was transferred here because of his job with some big lumber company. Since West Virginia is not the hub of industry, Michelle couldn't find a job in her degree, so she took some classes, just because.

She was cool. Her family's dogs were pictured in the L.L. Bean catalogs. She took cooking classes to learn how to make meals for her husband.

Her husband loved brownies but didn't like the crusts. She would show up for class with little baggies of warm brownie crusts for us. (This is probably the main reason that I loved her.) I always thought that was the picture of love for her husband - making brownies and cutting off the crusts.

I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Covered Brownie Bites from Jenny at Picky Palate today. I'm taking them to my mom's. Because my husband likes any part of the brownies, I left him little bags of crust. He may not truly appreciate how I associate brownie crusts with devotion but he will still eat them all with big glasses of milk.

*These were super cute, but I'm not sure they were worth the effort. The idea was simple but the dipping is too time consuming for me. From one 9 X 13 pan, I had about 45 brownie balls.


Julie said...

That does sound like true devotion. My hubby has to cut off his won crusts :P


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