Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday Errands

Yes, it is a few days past Saturday, but I'm a little overwhelmed with the ending of the school year. Usually, on Saturdays, I am doing laundry and cleaning house. With the new vow of not cleaning house until after school is out, I had the freedom to run errands. Look at the loot picked up at the farmer's market:

Butterfly bush, green onions, strawberries, rosemary, Green Zebra tomato plants...aaahhhh.

Frick has quite the taste. She picked out a loaf of bread from The Crazy Baker - Rhubarb Walnut Bread. I have established that I am not a fan of rhubarb, but this bread made me change my mind. Unfortunately, Frick did not like her selection which meant there was more for me.

The Crazy Baker is one of those transfers into West Virginia who decided to stay. His brownies are addictive. This bread was addictive. I'm already thinking about the loaf I will buy this Saturday.



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