Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why Kroger's Loves Me

I like to grocery shop. No, wait, I love to grocery shop IF I'm by myself and IF I have money and IF I have time to leisurely look around.

I am a sucker for new products and will throw them in my cart. Kroger's loves to see me coming, and I'm fairly certain they turn up the 80's music when I pull in. I bee-bop around, singing to myself, throwing everything in the cart.

Personally, I think the Kroger card (and all shopping cards) are a scam. I spend the same amount of money each time I go. I think they store an average of what I spend in their Big Brother computer and work the numbers out slightly to get the same amount each time. I can go in with a list and a stack of coupons and spend X amount. I can go in and randomly toss items in - still spend X amount of dollars. It's a scam, I tell you.

They sucker me every way I go. This is what I bought last week:

Ken's Steakhouse Healthy Options Sweet Vidalia Onion. I love the full fat version of this dressing, so I won't buy it. But lookee here, Ken made me a low fat version with only 2 g. of fat. I have trouble eating salad all the time. Those little Wish-Bone Salad Spritzer things are great, but sometimes, I just need a little fat on that salad. Can you tell by the picture how much is gone already? It's not me. Farmer Brown loved it, too and was eating it on french fries and chicken.

Love Morning Star Farms sausage patties and now they make them with maple-flavor. Mmmmm.....these were durn good on some whole wheat English muffins and a scrambled egg.

While I was foraging away in the organic section looking for hulled pumpkin seeds to make this granola, I saw this granola calling my name - already made. Seeing as I couldn't find the pumpkin seeds this week, I quickly grabbed this. Fabulous choice. I don't think that it is new, but I have heard Big Mama raving about it. I eat it for breakfast with yogurt and fruit. I eat it for a snack, plain out of the bag. I eat it for dessert with sugar-free strawberry gel and Cool Whip lite. Just can't go wrong with it.

So what about you? Anything new you've been purchasing that you just love? You know I'll throw it in my cart next time I'm at Kroger's.


Betty Beguiles said...

These are great suggestions. I can't get enough of Morningstar's Veggie Burgers. Have you tried them? Soooo yummy!

Emily said...

I've got to try that salad dressing. It sounds so good!

Brindi said...

Yes! Love the veggie burgers!

And yes, Emily, you have to try the dressing!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

You can just march your lil fanny over to my house any day and do my shopping for me. I trade a kid or two..hehe


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