Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Did Me In

So. Did you see this post?

Decorated Christmas Cookies

For years, I have wanted to make pretty sugar cookies featuring royal icing. The Pioneer Woman's step-by-step instructions and photos inspired me. I knew I could do it.

And I did. I made the sugar cookies (way crumbly dough), mixed the royal icing (what a royal pain), and selected colors.

But alas, here are my results.

It was a kitchen disaster of epic proportions.

Lessons were learned:
  • Be prepared and have everything laid out ahead of time.
  • Keep it simple. Stick with one or two designs, two or three colors.
  • Make the cookies ahead of time, so that it is not an overwhelming day.
  • Don't promise two little pesky kids that they can help. They make a mess and lose interest quickly.
  • I'll stick with the cinnamon rolls, Ree.


lat said...

At least your oven continued to work?? :)

Brindi said...

Is your oven still not working? You come on up anytime and we'll fire the oven up and bake up some cookies. Miss you.


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