Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Change Happens

Change happens.

What I really wanted to say and how I think the phrase really goes is "shit happens."  When people ask, that's what I want to say, "Shit happens, and it is shit that is none of your business."  But because I live in a small town and I'm generally a polite person, I just smile and shrug and say, "Change happens."  That usually suffices.

Because of change, I needed a rental house.  We won't talk about the houses, holes-in-the-wall, that people were trying to rent in my town that I could afford.   I found this, though.

I fell in love with

the glass door knobs

the funky, old light fixtures

the built-in cabinets
the curved doorways
It had character.  It was cute.  It whispered my name. 

My eyes glittered.  My eyes shone.

I was blinded and didn't see
the heebie-jeebie shower tiles
or my stars, the miniature kitchen

I am working it out though.  I don't touch the walls when I shower. A linen closet down the hallway is now an extra kitchen cabinet.  Part of the built-in china cabinet is now a pantry.  Everything has found a home, including us.


bhamrick said...

Change Happens, and life goes on! We love you and it is OK to have potatoes in with the sheets :). You know the saying, if life hands you lemons...make lemonade. And I love lemonade!


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