Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Rules

I am a road tripper. I will get in the car and go anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.  I love going and exploring new places I've never been.  Some of my best friendships were formed over road trips.  

Brindi's Ten Road Trip Rules
  1. Trip must be fairly impromptu without much planning.  Road trips and vacations are different.
  2. The driver gets to choose the music.  No exceptions. 
  3. If the weather is agreeable, the windows are down.
  4. There is no crying on road trips.
  5. If you have children that cry, your children will stay home.
  6. There is no importance of time.  If you have to be back at a certain time, you have killed the road trip.
  7. No chain restaurants allowed. 
  8. I make all decisions about bathrooms for myself.  If I say we need to find a different bathroom, we need to find another bathroom.
  9. If something looks interesting, we stop and look.
  10. If I am driving and you tell me I am driving too slow, I will drive even slower. 
If we can follow those rules, I'm a fairly good road tripper.  Even those that have traveled with me, know that I can curl up anywhere and sleep in any position in a car, bus, or plane.  But that is vacation.  Road tripping is for being awake and aware. 

Road trips lead you to Vivace in Charlottesville, VA.  Even though we got off on the wrong exit, our trusty GPS led us to this charming restaurant.   The atmosphere inside was delightful, but the patio outside was heavenly.  It felt as if we were in a charming Italian village. 

Insalata di Caprese
Spinach, pears, walnuts, Gorgonzola with a white balsamic vinaigrette
Pasta Pesto
Pasta with light cream pesto, tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, and pine nuts
It was worth the trip.

And one more rule.
       11.  I will take pictures of my food for this here blog.  Be prepared for me to whip out the camera.

(My traveling companion was not aware of this rule.  She had already started on her pasta before I could get a picture.)

So, where have your road trips led you?


Michelle Brown said...

A few years ago my husband and I got in the car on a Sunday afternoon and ended up in Mt. Airy, NC. We played miniature golf and then found a restaurant called 13 Bones. It was amazing. Honestly the best ribs I've ever had. They also have homemade chips that are served with a homemade french onion dip. Their steaks and chicken are also delicious. Since then if we are bored and want a good meal, we'll drive an hour just to eat at 13 Bones.

Guy said...

Hahaha... Your personal road rules are cool and funny! Well, whatever your travel rules are, be sure to always maintain safety as the main priority!

Guy Chambliss


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