Thursday, August 4, 2011

Division of Assets

With divorce, there is a separation of assets. I thought that dividing the furniture was hard.  I was wrong.  Other divisions have been much harder.

There has been a separation of church and me.  I have imagined what people will say if I go back.  They probably wouldn't; they probably haven't.  They are good people, but I haven't heard from many of them.   This is a time when you don't reach out.  Emotionally there is nothing left for you to reach out with. 

There has been a separation of my cat and me.  My cat was a first anniversary present from Farmer Brown, a self-proclaimed cat-hater.  She is a tough ol' feline, surviving many trials on the farm.  She recovered from being wallowed by the dogs as a kitten and from losing most of her tail after a cow stepped on it.  Her meow box is broken.  She can barely squeak out a meow.  She loves the barn and being outside.  We would go for days and not see her.  Then, she would show up and rejuvenate herself by sleeping for several nights on top of my covers.  Now a 13-year old, her trips to the barn are getting fewer, her nights in the house more.  I miss her company but a non-refundable pet fee and lack of a barn would not suit her at the town house.

There has been a separation of our mutual friends and me.  It is a small town and people when they don't know what to say, avoid you in the store.  You see them and watch them hurry down a different aisle.  Hopefully, time and distance will take away some of the uncomfortableness we all are feeling.

There has been a separation of my home and me.  This was the home we started with dreams together.  This was the home where I planted fruit trees and flowers that are now bearing fruit and blooming.  This was the home that I brought both my babies home to.  This was the home I never thought that I would leave.


Ali said...

I know how you feel. I'm going through the same thing right now. It is rough. Hang in there.


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