Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Update

When we left last our blogger, she had a lump in her boob, a cranky oven, and an imminent divorce.  In the time since the last post, the lump is nothing but "reactive growth".  It isn't cancerous, it isn't a cyst that can be aspirated.  It is a solid , growing lump.  The doctor doesn't seem to be concerned because it isn't life threatening.  Maybe if it was the doctor's boob, she might feel more inclined to follow-up or offer reassurance.  Unfortunately, the blogger has had to continuously call the clinic for the update of the additional tests that they ran on the extracted tissue.

The oven of the food blogger is operating erratically, still burning things, still keeping things raw.  It has its own whims and acts on them accordingly.  The food blogger has taken to leaving sacrifices of food in the oven to no avail.  A sage burning to purify the oven of unclean spirits will be held later this month.  All are welcome to attend.  Don't expect cake - it will be burnt or raw.

And in less time than it took to get through the security at the family court, the blogger was officially divorced.  It was a big wadded up mess of emotions.  It was not a celebratory divorce nor was it a bitter divorce.  It just was a divorce that was unfortunate.  To rejuvenate herself, the blogger is taking the weekend before the official return to school to escape to the big city for a healthy dose of retail therapy and Krispy Kremes. I'm sure my doctor would recommend that, but she doesn't return calls.

What remedies do you recommend for lumpy boobs, bad ovens, and unfortunate ends?  


Julie said...

Wow my friend, you've really been through it. I wish I knew the remedies...I'd sure give them to you. All I know is take care of yourself, and pester the crap out of that doctor until you get the answers you need.

Brindi said...

Thanks, Julie. Still one of my favorite blogs!

Meggie said...

Thanks for sharing. I was wondering about you.. Glad everything's okay.. Check out Lowe's for a new stove, and charge it. You deserve it..

Brindi said...

Thanks, Meggie. The rental house is temporary. One day, I will have double ovens and a kitchen island a mile long!


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