Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Astronomer and Blue Moon

Oh, dear me.  I need to start writing again.  And cooking.  And baking.   All of those things have taken a back seat to what I have been doing - working, buying a house, moving, loving on the punks, and dating.

*Ahem*  Yes, dating.

If it is scary for you to hear that I've been dating, you should try being 37, baby-moose-sized and out there doing the dating thing in a small town.  There have been good moments and unbelievably bad moments.  And all those guys I've dated are probably all sweating at the moment,  wondering if I'm going to relive those most awesome dates on this here blog.

You see, that would be largely part of the problem.  All of them thought the dates we had were awesome on their part, but that I was lacking in some way.  Some have even went so far as to let me know, five months later, how I was lacking in a being a good person.  I should be flattered that a guy that I went on two dates with, analyzed me for five months, and then showed up to fill me in about my faults.  Faults such as, even though he asked me out and took me to the local greasy spoon where I had a BLT and water, he expected that I should have paid for my dinner.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned.  I still thought that was what gentlemen who asked you out did.  You know, pay for the $5 dinner?   

Anyway, I must say that even though there were some bad experiences, I learned something from everyone of them.  Good things.  I thought if I shared my experiences, it might help others out there dating.

Nothing thrilled me more than finding the Astronomer on an online dating site.  Those of you who know me, know that back in the day, I wanted to be an astronomer.  This was a dream come true.  We could analyze physics problems, map constellations, calculate distances to galaxies.  Instead we had a few dates that were normal, full of talk and nerdy jokes that I understood.   He was even short and bald with a George-Constanza-like quality.  These things made me all starry-eyed.  I friended him on Facebook.  I even friended his cat's Facebook page.  (Okay, that should have been a red flag. It was kind of cute, though.)

It ended before I had a chance to see his telescope.   Har, har to those of you that took that the wrong way.  Really, he was in charge of huge radio telescopes.  I thought he would be my "in" to climbing the scaffolding to see the telescope up close.  Alas,  I learned from him, that unless you have verbally told the other partner that you are in an exclusive relationship, don't assume the other person will know this.  He was busy booking other dates on the same day he would take me out.  I wasn't ready for a full relationship with him, but I wasn't ready to be the back-up date, either.  

In honor of the Astronomer and his lesson he left me with, I made Blue Moon Beer Bread.  Beer Bread is yeasty and hearty.  Using Blue Moon gives a sweeter kick to the dough.  This recipe is simple with a few ingredients.  The recipe suggests that you sift the flour.  I made it twice and forgot to sift the second time.  I must say the sifting made for a lighter, airier bread.

Blue Moon Beer Bread
Recipe taken from Life, Lightly Salted, not even modified because I'm not good at doing that.  

3 c. self-rising flour
1/4 c. sugar
1 12 oz. Blue Moon Pale Ale
1/2 melted butter 

Sift flour into large bowl.  Stir in the sugar and beer.  Pour into a greased loaf pan.  Pour melted butter over top of bread.  Bake in 375 degree oven for an hour.  Being careful not to burn your tongue, eat it straight from the oven with butter.  Of course, even better toasted the next day.

The good news is that after making the bread, you have five bottles of Blue Moon left over.  You may need them all after a bad date.  Or in my case, I will have five more loaves of bread to make and soothe myself after going out.

What is your poison (aka comfort food or drink) after a bad date or stressful day?  


M. Nyga said...

My poison would be a glass of that sweet-flavored wine! Don't worry, Bernie, you will find a good one at some point. Just look how long it took me! :)

Meggie said...

We all love you and your sweet posts.. Mr. Right has to be out there somewhere..

Brindi said...

Thanks, girls! I think that I'm content just to be swinging single for awhile this summer.


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