Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School Shopping for Mamas

I like having new clothes.  I do not, however, always enjoy shopping for clothes.  First, there is always the realization that after wearing comfortable dresses and stretchy pants all summer, I have masked the fact that I may have grown a little.  Second, there are the unflattering lights and mirror angles in the dressing room that make my skin look pasty and my hips wide.   (Maybe I went in there with pasty skin and wide hips, I just don't need the mirrors to remind me.  I feel there should be soft, gentle lights and trick mirrors.)  Third, I live in a small town and to find an assortment of shops, I have to travel.  I like to travel.  But to travel, then shop, then try on clothes, then drive home can wear me out.

My favorite solution for shopping for myself is to shop online.  I can spend hours shopping online. However, I get sucked into sites that are overpriced.  Or I search for hours and find the perfect item, only to find that it is no longer in my size.  Or that the shipping and handling is ridiculous.  Or worry that when it comes, I will have to return it.

This is my favorite new site that solves some of my online shopping worries.

Shop It To Me

Once you create an account, you choose your favorite brands, sizes, price range, types of clothing.  What this fancy little place does is to watch your favorites and send you weekly emails that meet your requirements.  It is a personal online shopper.

For example, I love Boden.  When I look at their site, I love their clothes, their style. I don't like the prices.  I can't afford it.  But the nice thing is that when there is a sale, I can afford it.  Now, instead of looking at their site and wishing and filling the online shopping cart with clothes I can't really purchase, I have Shop It To Me alert me when my size fits my price range.  Simple.  I also know that Boden is consistent in their sizing, so when it comes, it will fit.

It also does brands, not just shopping sites.  So, if you are interested in a Kate Spade bag, it will send you links to different stores carrying Kate Spade bags, allowing you to comparison shop.  What a dream.

The weekly email includes pictures of the items, so I can quickly scan and see if anything appeals to me.  I click on the pictures, and it takes me directly to the site.  You can even set how often it sends you emails. I currently receive emails twice a week.

Go set up account.  Tell me you don't love it!

My Boden package this week.  It comes boxed so nicely.  

My Boden sale items.  Two skirts, a dress, a shirt, and a necklace. 



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