Friday, August 17, 2012


On the Sundays that I have my punks, we eat pancakes. It is usually late in the morning.  Because most of the week I have to get up early, Sunday is mama's time to snooze in bed, be lazy and read.  The punks get up quietly and eat dry cereal and watch TV.  When I emerge from the cocoon of the bed in my pajamas, I make pancakes with their help.  It is required that pajamas are worn while eating the pancakes.  This has become our ritual.

I know in my heart that I would like for the ritual to include a church service, another place of community to help the kids.  But even, now a year later after the divorce, I feel we all need this time together.  There is something about being home, with no plans, no urgent matters.

Someday when the punks are older, I want them to remember their Sunday mornings with me at our house. I've told them that we are never moving again.  I want them to have that sanctuary in this world.

Just know that you're not alone
I'm going to make this place your home. 


Jamie said...

I bet that will be one of their favorite memories. Love the new blog design, by the way.

Brindi said...

Thanks, Jamie. It is one of my favorite times of week with them.


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