Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yeast Doesn't Like the Polar Vortex

It has been a little cold here lately.  The heat pump, running constantly, sounds like a dying cow. It cannot keep up with the frigid air.  When the temperatures dip below ten degrees, the heat from the heat pump hovers around 60 in the house. This is not a hardship, just not what we are accustomed to. 

To keep warm, I have hung beach towels and blankets over the windows.  We have moved the portable electric heater into whichever room we are in.  We moved the mattress off of my bed into the living room and created a large nest to nestle into.  I may have slept with a toboggan on one night.  And of course, I keep the oven on and bake to warm the house. 

The Nest.
Dough is the best therapy on cold days.  You venture in to the kitchen and mix the dough.  Leave it to rise.  Run back to the nest and read.  Go roll out the dough.   Leave it to rise.  Run back to the nest and watch a movie.  Go put it in the oven.  Run back to the nest and take a nap.  Take it out of the oven.  Serve it up to nosh on while in the nest.

This dough is what my mom makes.  I made one turn of the dough and played with fillings.  Of course, pepperoni rolls were a given. 

Pepperoni Roll
Then, I tried an apple pie cinnamon roll recipe from Pinterest from this site

Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls
Then, instead of frozen raspberries, I had frozen blueberries and tried this lovely recipe, also pinned from Pinterest from this site.  I used the simple glaze with this recipe for both set of rolls. 

Blueberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Needless to say, all of this dough and resting in the nest has not been good for my healthy changes.

As you can tell from the pictures, the temperature in the house wasn't the best to make the yeast all happy and bubbly.  Even though they didn't rise well, they were eaten.  Maybe when the weather warms up in the house, I will make these again?  
What have you been baking on these cold days?  



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