Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Food I Crave?

Ellie Kreiger is one of my favorite Food Network stars who doesn't receive the airtime that she should. She's perky without matching the kitchen to her food theme. She provides such sensible tips on making food healthy. (Like replacing the cream cheese with whipped cream cheese that gives you the same taste with less calories.) So when she published a cookbook, I was stoked. I bought it without previewing it. You must know that I always preview cookbooks. I am running out of kitchen space for cookbooks, so if it is going to be on the shelf, it must be worthy of duty often. I sometimes will make exceptions for pretty books or gift books.
When it arrived, I tore it open and started tearing through the index. Beet Salad? Spiced-Rubbed Lamb Pops? (Lamb pops?!?) Herbed Couscous Timbale with Dried Fruit and Nuts? Since when did I crave these things?

I wanted to see healthy recipes for the food I crave: Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, Big Macs. They weren't in there. I currently don't crave healthy foods. That's why I can't fit in my fat jeans.
On second reading, there are some redeeming recipes that I will try. Enough of them for me to keep the book on the shelf. The book is full of those same real-life tips to encourage me to try to change out the way I normally cook. The pictures are enticing. Not every recipe has a picture, but there are plenty of full-color pictures. (Although, sadly, no picture of Lamb Pops. I envision ewe on a skew.)
But I love Ellie. Love her on tv. As much as I love Paula, I would love to see Ellie take over the Paula invasion on the Food Network. I will try some recipes. Let you know.



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