Monday, December 1, 2008

Picture This

I am without a camera until Santa shows up on Christmas morning. You'll need to use your imagination today.

So picture this - I just hosted the saddest little giveaway in blogdom history. Sad for me that only three people entered. Good for those three people that entered! Thank you so much for stopping by. I actually have a few other books to give away in the next coming weeks. So stay tuned!

So picture this - a picture of the winning name, drawn out of a toboggan by Frick -

Heather from The Adventures of Heather
Please email me your address at and I will get your hot, little Bobby Flay book right out. Heather is a newlywed, so I'm sure she has all new kitchen stuff to work on exciting new recipes!
So picture this - I remembered at 9:30 pm last night that it was a coworker's birthday today. You know the one, the coworker that always makes everyone's favorite cake for their birthday. She couldn't go without a cake. So I made a simple recipe for a Mounds Bar Cake. By the time the thing was finished at 11:00 pm, I was a little sleepy.
So picture this - this morning it looked as though it had snowed in the kitchen. Apparently, there was a hole in the coconut bag. There was coconut everywhere. I was so tired, I hadn't even noticed.
On second thought, I'm glad I didn't have a camera. It wasn't a pretty site.


Julie said...

Dang those were awesome odds and I still lose! Hehe!
That's what I ventured out for on black Friday was a camera since I dropped mine and it was mostly dead. I'll NEVER do it again (the black Friday thing, I probably WILL drop my camera and lots of other things!)

Heather said...

Oh wow, awesome! My first blog contest win! Thank you very much, Brindi!

georgie said...

YAY heather congrats...i will try and be present and accounted for...for your next giveaway....make the odds a lil harder ;-)


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