Thursday, February 19, 2009

Country Living in West Virginia

Today was the last day to enter the HGTV Home of the Year. I don't really have a desire to live in California, but I wouldn't complain if I won the house.

Another Home of the Year that wasn't as publicized was the Country Living Home of the Year.
The magazine finally published in their January issue photos of their 2009 Home of the Year. This beautiful house is located in Snowshoe, West Virginia.

Because the house is built on mountain slope, it is tall, four stories high, not wide like most houses. The house is eco-friendly.

The house was open for tours during the months of August, September, and October. I made it up to look at the outside of the house, but it was closed. I think that it stinks that the home is now closed for tours and then they publish the pictures. The house's furnishings have been removed, and it is set up for nightly and weekly rentals. If you have $1000 a night, you can rent the house. Of course, it is for sale for $1, 575,000. You can also custom-build your own house after you buy your own lot for $400,000 in Sawmill Village.

One of the downfalls of this article is that it doesn't show how remarkable the views are. Nor does it talk about how fabulous the entire Snowshoe Resort now is. I remember going to Snowshoe when there were some funky octagon rental houses and one hotel. Snowshoe has developed to be more of a four-season resort, offering mountain biking, hiking, and golfing. They also have fabulous festivals throughout the year.

If you live on the eastern coast, Snowshoe is a destination worth checking out. The prices are reasonable at any time of the year. It showcases the best of the West Virginia mountains.

Send me a note and I'll meet you there!

If you do decide to visit, you need to swing through Greenbrier County to get there.



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